Tard Commands

Available commands in thetechtard Twitch chat

(Commands available to everyone)

!accountage – find out when you signed up for Twitch

!agrosmasha – find out about agrosmasha

!bf1 – displays stats from Battlefield 1

!bd00n – find out about bd00n

!bisep_one – find out about bisep_one

!buy <items> – buy items from the tardbuck store

!chatstats – check out the stats in this chat

!discord – how to join the Discord server

!divsion – displays stats from The Division

!djbladebrown – find out about djbladebrown

!dmactastic1 – find out about dmactastic1

!emotes bttv – see the bttv emotes in this channel

!foxpug – find out about foxpug

!gamestats – find out all the game stats commands

!gear – thetechtard’s tech

!give <user> <amount – give another user tardbucks

!howlong – how long have you followed the stream

!instagram – the link to tech’s on Instagram

!lasttweet – view the last thing tweeted by @thetechtard

!leaderboard – get link to the tardbucks leaderboard

!medium – displays the link to thetechtard on Medium

!overwatch – displays stats from Overwatch

!podcast – displays the link for the TardNation podcast

!playerme – displays the link to thetechtard on Player.me

!psforums – displays the link to the-tech-tard on the PlayStation Forums

!psn – thetechtard’s PSN info

!quote – random quote

!reddit – displays link to the Reddit profile of thetechtard

!requests – how to request songs in this channel

!rlstats – displays stats from Rocket League

!rules – explains the basic rules of the chat

!shingouki76 – find out about shingouki76

!snapchat – displays the Tech Tard’s Snapchat name

!store – displays items and link to the tardbuck store

!tardbucks – see how many tardbucks you have

!tardcommands – link to this page

!tardnation – link to TardNation info

!thetechtard – link to Tech Tard info

!tip – how to tip the stream

!trophies <PSN username> – check someone’s PSN trophies

!twitter – display link to tech’s Twitter page

!title – Show the current stream title

!weathercheck <location> – the weather in your neck of the woods

!wishlist -displays the link to the tech’s Amazon wishlist

!youtube – displays the link to tech’s YouTube channel


(Commands available to regulars, moderators and super moderators)

!songs <variable>

  • current – current song
  • list – link to song list
  • request – request a song (!sr works too)


(Commands available to moderators and super moderators)

!addquote – add quote to quote system

!badjoke – sometimes you have to call them like you see them

!banned – educational video for trolls

!community <Twitch Community> – changes Twitch Community

!conspiracy – message for conspiracy theorists

!game <game title> – changes game title

!ping – see how long the StreamElements bot has been in the channel


  • new <title> | <option 1 > | <option 2> | <option 3>

  • results – will display poll results


  • add <Twitch username> – add user to regulars

  • delete <Twitch username> – delete user from regulars

!rollcall – let’s see who is in here

!shoutout – spotlight a streamer who is in chat

!title <stream title> – changes stream title

!troll – warn the troll

!tweet – create link to tweet out the stream


(Commands available to super moderators)

!bonus <all/username amount> – give tardbucks to everyone (all) or user (username)

!bot <mute/unmute/part> – Mute, unmute or remove the StreamElements bot.